Learning Analytics Documentation


Step 1 : Review Jisc UDD specification https://github.com/jiscdev/analytics-udd and determine which systems hold the data.

Step 2 : Determine approach for extracting the data in text format. Options include:

  • ▪ Working with your Student Records System Supplier
  • ▪ Extracting the data yourself
  • ▪ Building on a existing approach supplied by Jisc

Step 3 : Extract a sample of the data, and validate using the Jisc UDD Validator. Fix and repeat.

Step 4 : Contact Jisc to obtain SFTP access to our secure upload server

Step 5 : Schedule a daily upload of the data to Jisc's secure upload server.

In detail

The UDD is defined here:


Data is typically held in a student record system. The end results is that the institutions produces a text file in either TSV, XML or JSON file format, per entity, and SFTP's the file to Jisc's secure server.

The files should be placed in /udd/live/daily-update in the directory provided on the server. A full list of files is as follows:

  • ▪ assessmentinstance.json
  • ▪ course.json
  • ▪ courseinstance.json
  • ▪ period.json
  • ▪ module.json
  • ▪ moduleinstance.json
  • ▪ modulevlemap.json
  • ▪ staff.json
  • ▪ staffcourseinstance.json
  • ▪ staffmoduleinstance.json
  • ▪ student.json
  • ▪ studentassessmentinstance.json
  • ▪ studentcourseinstance.json
  • ▪ studentcoursemembership.json
  • ▪ studentudmap.json
  • ▪ studentmoduleinstance.json


Extension attributes are added by providing an additional file with the convention:




with the following fields:

  • ▪ CONTROLLER - a short string with no spaces describing the company providing the extension
  • ▪ ENTITY - the entity being extended
  • ▪ REF_KEY - the field in the entity you wish to match against. This must be a key field or unique value.
  • ▪ PROPERTY_NAME - the name you wish to give the property
  • ▪ PROPERTY_VALUE - the value for the property.

static files

you can also provide static data (for example last years data) which you don't need to update on a regular basis. This is done by providing a file called:




Processing the file

A Jisc service - UDDSync - will then use this data to update the learning data hub UDD section, add, removing and updating data with any changes.

To assist with getting the data into the correct format Jisc provide a data validation tool.

SFTP set-up

Firstly, we will need either:• the fixed IP address or,• the range of IP addressesthat you will be submitting data from.

We will also need a public SSH key for the connection — on Mac or Linux you can use “$ ssh-keygen” to produce this.

On Windows, the PuTTY suite supports public key generation — we will need the "Public Key for Pasting into authorized_keys File”, so to generate a Windows key:


and then generate the authorized_keys file key:


Once we have received these details, we will set-up your institution within our system and send you through the final configuration settings.

Further information regarding openssh private/public key pair can be found here: /docs/data-hub/Create-an-openssh-private-public-key-pair


Jisc has a UDD Validator, to check UDD information. This can be used not only to validate your UDD extracts but to convert them into JSON if required.

You can reach the Jisc UDD Validator at https://web-validator-uat.data.alpha.jisc.ac.uk/. Your username will be your email and your password will be sent in a separate email. To gain access to the validator please email setup.analytics@jisc.ac.uk.

Your institution has been set-up without encryption keys. If you would like me to add this please let me know before using the validator.

If you need any help using the validator please raise a ticket on Freshdesk.

The Jisc Learning Analytics team uses Freshdesk as our ticketing system. If you have not worked with Freshdesk before, it’s an easy to use online ticketing system. You can find out more about the software here: https://freshdesk.com/.

If you have any suspected bugs or enhancement requests for the Jisc UDD Validator please log them in Freshdesk. You can either register to access the system here: https://jisclearninganalytics.freshdesk.com/support/login or you can email your ticket directly to: support@jisclearninganalytics.freshdesk.com.