Learning Analytics Documentation

See Learning analytics purchasing service for information on how to purchase services or join as a supplier.

Below is a list of suppliers accepted onto the Learning Analytics Purchasing Service. This list will be updated as new suppliers are accepted into the framework.

Altis Global Limited

Website: http://www.altis.com.au/

Summary of Services Offered

Lot 1: Learning Analytics Solutions:Altis solutions include:

  • ▪ The Thrive Software as a Service (SaaS) Learner Analytics offering for UK Universities Retention Improvement
  • ▪ A system for identifying students at risk of disengaging
  • ▪ A Data mining project to investigate student and course attributes that correlated with higher student retention or attrition
  • ▪ An “At-Risk” reporting project as part of a larger data warehouse build
  • ▪ A data science project to determine what factors were most likely to indicate an applicant would take up a place

Lot 2: Learning Analytics Services:Altis has delivered learning analytics services to institutions including the University of London, University of New England, University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University and Southampton Solent University.

Blackboard International

Website: www.blackboard.com

Summary of Services Offered

Lot 1: Learning Analytics Solutions

A version of Blackboard Predict tailored for use with the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse, that will include:

  • ▪ Simple, easy to interpret data visualizations that let instructors and advisors or tutors know what it's time to intervene.
  • ▪ A student view of the data allowing students to reflect on their progress, and what they need to do to succeed.
  • ▪ Tools to foster communication between instructors, advisors and students.

Lot 2: Learning Analytics Services

  • ▪ Live xAPI Building Block for Learn - Support for the implementation of the Live xAPI Building Block
  • ▪ Historic xAPI Building Block for Learn - Support for the implementation of the Historic xAPI Building Block
  • ▪ Learning Platform Integration - support for implementation of any integrations between learning platforms and the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse.
  • ▪ Provision of temporary Blackboard Learn or Moodle staging environments
  • ▪ Project Definition & Design Service - for reporting and analytics projects
  • ▪ Custom Report Creation Services
  • ▪ Readiness Assessment (Strategic Review) - evaluation of an institution's technical, strategic and operational readiness for implementation of a learning analytics service.
  • ▪ Adoption Service - an operational readiness engagement to define the structures an institution will need to have in place so that it can fully exploit its investment in learning analytics.
  • ▪ Health Check Service - A post-adoption strategic health check to ensure continued progress once an initial learning analytics implementation has been completed.

Lot 3: Learning Analytics Infrastructure

  • ▪ Integration & Reporting Development Services - Development of integration, reporting solutions and services across a range of platforms, to share data with, and read data from, the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse.
  • ▪ Custom Development Maintenance Service (ICM) - Maintenance of any custom developments or solutions to ensure continued functionality.

Deloitte Consulting

Website: https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en.html

Summary of Service Offered

Lot 2: Learning Analytics Services

Deloitte have a dedicated Analytics and Data Science capability who work with a range of organisations, including HEIs, other public and private sector bodies, to drive real life benefits from their data. We have extensive experience of working with HEIs in relation to the design and deployment of analytics, including:

  • ▪ solutions to increase international student fee revenue;
  • ▪ a suite of tools to support institutional financial management;
  • ▪ data driven solutions to support student retention; and
  • ▪ modelling the impact of estate changes and closures on students.

In addition we have supported many of our clients on their journey to become an Insight Driven Organisation through engagement with leadership, capability building and development of data driven applications.Case studies available at https://www2.deloitte.com/uk/en/pages/public-sector/topics/education.html?icid=nav2_education

HT2 Limited

Website: https://www.ht2labs.com/

Summary of Services Offered

Lot 2: Learning Analytics Services:HT2 provides services throughout the world on xAPI-based Learning Analytics systems. HT2 staff have authored papers and books and presented at global conferences. Case studies are available from: https://www.ht2labs.com/about/clients/

Lot 3: Learning Analytics Infrastructure:Data input/output services:

  • ▪ Data in: Plugins and pipeplines to transform data from flat files or other, non-xAPI, API sources into the xAPI format for storage in the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse. HT2 consulted on the Blackboard integration with the Learning Analytics Architecture and built the Moodle plugin. HT2 has also integrated non-xAPI data sources such as Sharepoint, Yammer, Slack, Degreed, Skillsoft, and a range of proprietary LMS systems.
  • ▪ Data out: HT2 has developed plugins and pipelines to take data out of the Jisc Learning Records Warehouse and into 3rd party programs and services such as Tableau, PowerBI, Amazon S3 and other data warehouses.

Kortext Ltd

Website: http://www.kortext.com

Summary of Services Offered

Lot 1: Learning Analytics Solutions

  • ▪ Kortext provides a learning analytics platform that delivers insights into individual student learning behaviours.
  • ▪ The detailed analytics available allow customers to focus strategies for student retention, engagement and enhancing the teaching and learning experience.
  • ▪ The Kortext engagement index allows universities to highlight “at risk” students based on their own criteria.
  • ▪ Unique administration and academic dashboards allow university staff to quickly access the data most relevant to them.
  • http://www.kortext.com/about-kortext/casestudies/

Lot 2: Learning Analytics ServicesKortext currently offers access to learning analytics at over 40 UK universities and to institutions globally.

We have gained experience from serving these customers, that gives us great insight into learning analytics initiatives and have developed a range of services to support the introduction and development of analytics projects that support student success.

Our understanding of how analytics are currently used in education and the delivery of detailed analytics infrastructure allow us to advise on areas of best practice.http://www.kortext.com/about-kortext/casestudies/

Lot 3: Learning Analytics Infrastructure

Kortext is currently built upon a sophisticated infrastructure powered by Microsoft technologies across the Azure platform. In partnership with Microsoft, we have built a scalable, secure and very powerful analytics offering which is being rolled out to customers globally. The Kortext technical team has been working closely with core development teams at Microsoft for 2 years to help build out features and capabilities that allow Kortext to help deliver industry leading capabilities across the sector.

Our dedicated team are working on solving compelling questions within higher education and are able to deliver analytics across descriptive, prescriptive and predictive paradigms. We leverage key Machine Learning and AI capabilities to bring compelling solutions that our customers can deploy quickly to deliver analytics across an entire university or simply a faculty. Our Infrastructure allows a university multiple options in how they wish to deploy analytics and what they would like to manage themselves Vs have a third party firm manage.




OCF DATA Limited

Website: www.ocf-data.co.uk

Summary of Services Offered

OCF DATA Limited is workflow, process and performance optimisation provider, delivering measurable performance gains using data & analytics disciplines, methods and technologies. We work together with the University Executive team to understand business and academic opportunities and challenges that can be more successfully addressed through the insights that data & analytics systems and disciplines provide. We recognise the importance of taking our clients on the complete journey to ensure maximum and continued impact from their data. As an independent technology organisation our solutions are underpinned by the leading technologies and techniques in the field of data science and data infrastructures.

Workflows that particularly interest us due to their potential for performance improvements through intelligent and predictive analysis include:

  • ▪ Student Recruitment
  • ▪ Student Retention
  • ▪ Student Learning Analytics
  • ▪ Research Grant Performance
  • ▪ Operational Excellence (Finance / Procurement)
  • ▪ Alumni Targeted Funding

Lot 1 – Learning Analytics Solutions

Our institutional and learning analytics solutions cover a broad spectrum of operational processes including:• Data management and visualisation• Institutional strategic planning• Transparency• Academic programme support• Student recruitment and retention• Individual learners and communities

Case studies:

Lot 2: Learning Analytics ServicesOCF DATA employees have many decades of experience working with universities in relation to student and research activities. The services we offer apply to all stages of the data journey; from assessing feasibility to running analytics on demand. We harness world leading technologies and use joined up thinking with business processes, data science and technology experts to provide you with an impactful analytics solution.

*Lot 3: Learning Analytics Infrastructure*As your data continues to grow, it needs to be stored and processed on technology to provide you with the performance you need. We have a strong heritage in working with leading technology providers to develop small and large scale infrastructures.

Case studies: http://www.ocf.co.uk/hpc-and-storage

Phoenix Software Limited

Website: https://www.phoenixs.co.uk/

Lot 1: Learning Analytics Solutions:Phoenix Software is seeking to develop Business Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that will allow tutors, support staff and management to analyse and explore data in their Jisc Learning Records Warehouse (LRW).

Lot 2: Learning Analytics Services:Phoenix Software has expertise in Microsoft Azure, including Azure SQL, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.
Case studies are available at https://www.phoenixs.co.uk/case-studies/

Skillset Ltd

Website: http://www.skillset.co.uk/

Summary of Services Offered

Lot 2: Learning Analytics Services

Skillset offers a range of Agile and waterfall project management services tailored to support universities and colleges to implement learning analytics solutions.

A Learning Analytics case study is available at http://www.skillset.co.uk/case-studies/jisc-learning-analytics-case-study/

Lot 3: Learning Analytics Infrastructure

Skillset has considerable experience of developing bespoke code for various virtual learning systems, especially Moodle and Totara and of operating such systems on behalf of clients. Other relevant development experience includes attendance management, card and phone-based identification systems, lecture capture and subtitling and a variety of case management and CRM systems. We are particularly strong in the use and support of open systems software, integrating and providing technical support to a number of customers (e.g. Ericsson, the Government of Wales).

SolutionPath Ltd


Summary of Services Offered

Note: Recently accepted into the Purchasing service – further details to be added in due course.

Therapy Box Ltd

Website: www.therapy-box.co.uk

Summary of Services Offered

Lot 1 – Learning Analytics Solutions

Therapy Box are an award winning app development company, with capacity to build both native and cross platform apps. The team developed Jisc’s new Study Goal app and is currently working on other student-facing apps to encourage student engagement and generate xAPI data for the Learning Records Warehouse. Therapy Box provide a bespoke development service, using the latest technologies to find elegant solutions in education, gamification and data-generation.

Therapy Box’s full portfolio is available at https://therapy-box.co.uk/portfolio

Tribal Education Ltd


Summary of Services Offered

Note: Recently accepted into the Purchasing service – further details to be added in due course.


Website: https://www.unicon.net/

LOT 2 – Learning Analytics Services

Unicon offers a Readiness Assessment/Strategic Planning service to help institutions better understand exactly what learning analytics is, how to define and implement a learning analytics strategy, and how to use learning analytics to affect change on campus. Through this service, institutions leverage the experience of an expert consulting resource to determine direction, define goals, facilitate cross-campus collaboration, and navigate obstacles, in order to embark on the learning analytics journey with confidence.

The Readiness Assessment service consists of an onsite visit organized into one day for a cross-department facilitated session, followed by 1-2 days of smaller-scale meetings including focus groups and one-on-one meetings with individuals. The onsite engagement is followed up by a written report (described in more detail below).

Using the Unicon Readiness Assessment Matrix, Unicon assesses how ready the institution is for learning analytics. The matrix rates institutional readiness based on review of six areas:

  • ▪ Data Management/ Security
  • ▪ Culture
  • ▪ Investment/ Resources
  • ▪ Policies
  • ▪ Technical Infrastructure
  • ▪ and IR (institutional research) Involvement

These areas provide an outline for the qualitative elements discussed throughout the onsite visit. The Supplier’s focus while onsite is to assess organizational and technical readiness of the institution, as well as engage in strategic planning and longer-term goal setting activities to assist client with future analytics implementation planning. After the onsite visit is completed, the Supplier delivers a comprehensive report which includes a summary of and takeaways from the onsite visit, roadmap recommendations, and options for next steps to achieve the institution’s learning analytics goals. Below is a representative outline (table of contents) of the Readiness Assessment / Strategic Planning service report.

  • ▪ Executive Summary
  • ▪ Institutional Contributors
  • ▪ Institutional Details
  • ▪ Learning Analytics Goals
  • ▪ Organizational Readiness
  • ▪ Technical Readiness
  • ▪ Other Comments/Recommendations
  • ▪ Consultant/Institution Next Steps
  • ▪ Appendix I: Organizational Readiness Detailed Notes
  • ▪ Appendix II: Technical Readiness Detailed Notes