Learning Analytics Documentation

Stage 3. Culture and Organisation Setup

9. Legal and ethical policy considerations in hand

The Legal and ethical toolkit provides resources to help you review relevant policies and develop a learning analytics policy.

10. Decision on learning analytics products to pilot

Revisit the Learning analytics discovery toolkit to check you have considered the options.

and the following may be useful to help you decide

11. Senior management approval and scope of learning analytics project/pilot

You may need to develop a business case to gain senior management support.You will find the Learning Analytics Security FAQ useful in supporting your case to stakeholders.

12. Jisc order and service agreement signed (if required) and/or contracts with suppliers

Follow these instructions to sign-up to the Jisc service and to view the Service Agreement terms and conditions

Outcomes/Evidence required:

  • ▪ List of institutional policies relevant to learning analytics
  • ▪ Plan to update/create policies to cover learning analytics
  • ▪ A documented list of products with an agreed rational for choice(s) of solutions
  • ▪ A business case/plan to convince senior managers
  • ▪ Signed order for Jisc learning analytics service (if required)
  • ▪ Contract third party supplier products (if required)
  • ▪ List of student groups/cohorts and numbers of students involved