Learning Analytics Documentation


The Learning Analytics Purchasing Service operates as a fully electronic Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). New suppliers can join at any time during the term of the service, thereby allowing buyers swift access to new innovations in the marketplace. The Learning Analytics Purchasing Service also reduces the timescale, and therefore cost, of procurement, when compared to traditional static frameworks.

Services are available under three lots

  • ▪ Lot 1. Learning Analytics Solutions
  • ▪ Lot 2. Learning Analytics Services
  • ▪ Lot 3. Learning Analytics Infrastructure

Purchasing Services

Institutional Buyers can view the Buyer’s Guide, which has more details about the range of services available and how mini-competitions are run.

You can view a list of suppliers in the purchasing service to see an overview of the services they offer.

Learning Analytics Purchasing Service - procurement process

When a requirement has been identified, the purchasing service is used to set up a mini-competition. A statement of requirements is circulated to all suppliers in the relevant Lot (or Lots) and those suppliers who are interested submit a response. It is worth noting that Institutional buyers do not have direct access to the LAPS themselves. Jisc runs the purchasing service on their behalf.

Key steps in the process The beta process outlined below is likely to change as Institutional buyers start using the service and we learn more about the support they need.

Step 1. Institutional buyer contacts Jisc via setup.analytics@jisc.ac.uk to get some initial background about suppliers in the purchasing service, the add-on services and products they offer, and how these add-on services and products complement the core Jisc Learning Analytics Service.

Step 2. Institutional buyer reviews the list of suppliers in the purchasing service

Step 3. Institutional buyer contacts their procurement team to prepare procurement documents, such as a Statement of Requirements

Step 4. Institutional buyers who are ready to run a mini-competition may also talk directly to Rhian Best email: Rhianna.Best@jisc.ac.uk of the Jisc Procurement team. Rhian can help them to prepare a Statement of Requirements.

Step 5. Jisc Procurement uploads the Statement of Requirements to the purchasing service.

Step 6. Jisc Procurement sends tender responses to the Institutional buyer.

Step 7. Jisc Procurement processes any clarifications that are needed.

Step 8. Jisc Procurement communicates the outcome of the mini-competition.

Joining the service

Buyers and new suppliers can access the Learning Analytics Purchasing Service via the Jisc procurement portal at http://tenders.jisc.ac.uk.

Use the find opportunities feature and select ‘JISC’ from the list of portals. Look for ‘Opportunity Id: DN289989 Title: Learning Analytics Purchasing Service’

Further background about the service is available here: http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:292294-2017:TEXT:EN:HTML

If you’d like more information about the service please drop us a line at setup.analytics@jisc.ac.uk.