Learning Analytics Documentation

Please review the steps in the onboarding guide: Stage 3 Organisational setup before proceeding.

Step 1

If you are not already in discussions with us then please contact your account manager or email setup.analytics@jisc.ac.uk to express your interest in signing up to the learning analytics service.

If this is your first contact then we will need an initial call to establish your requirements and suitability of the Learning Analytics service at this stage.

Step 2

Download and review the Service Agreement as this will need to be signed in the next step.

Check the Service Agreement FAQ first if you have any questions.

You should also look at the Learning Analytics Security FAQ as part of this process.

Step 3

Download the order form for the Jisc learning analytics service which you will need to complete and sign agreeing to the Terms and Conditions in the Service Agreement. This is required before we can progress to data collection.

Step 4

Once the agreement is signed we will arrange a kick-off meeting with you to agree a project plan and timescales to implement the service.