Learning Analytics Documentation

Jisc's Learning Analytics Service

Jisc has developed a learning analytics architecture and implemented a learning analytics service which are part of the Jisc Data and Analytics service

Users looking to implement learning analytics may find it useful to start with the Learning Analytics On-boarding Guide.

These documentation pages provide:

  • ▪ An overview of learning analytics, the architecture and the service
  • ▪ Technical and user documentation of the core elements of the architecture and service.
  • ▪ Toolkits and guides to support users of the service (see below)
  • ▪ A guide for suppliers looking to integrate with the service


Core Products

Overview of the core products and roadmaps that provide timescales for new features and releases.

Other products (not yet core service)

Suppliers and contractors

Data Collection Toolkit

xAPI Plugins

Data and API Standards

UDD Data Transformation Toolkit

Toolkits and Guides

Information, guides and model documents to help you get started with learning analytics.

Jisc Learning Analytics Purchasing Service

Information for Suppliers