Learning Analytics Documentation

How often is data processed?

Student information/UDD data

The student information is updated on a schedule defined by each institution, in most case this is daily.

VLE data

The data comes from a plugin and at present we have one for Moodle and Blackboard.
The default for the Moodle plugin is to send the data in real time and at the moment all sites do this. But you can configure it to run on a schedule.The Blackboard plug-in runs on a schedule, defined in the plugin, so is configure on a site by site basis. Typically this will be around hourly updates.

Traffic light calculator and Jisc predictions

These are backend calculations which run daily.

Library, attendance and other data sources

These are scheduled by institutions, at present these are usually uploaded daily by your institution, and ingested on a daily basis by the Universal xAPI translator. Depending on when these are scheduled it could take up to 48 hrs.

Study Goal check-in (attendance)

The check-in attendance data from Study Goal is submitted realtime to the learning data hub.

Data Explorer and Study Goal

These access the data realtime in the learning data hub, so will be determined by the schedules of data above.