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Terms and Conditions

Revised 20 April 2018Version number: 0.2

The Jisc Study Goal app is owned by Jisc and intended to be used with the Jisc learning analytics service.

Purpose of the app

The main purpose of the app is to help you understand and monitor your learning.

User Login

There are two ways you can login to Study Goal

1. The institution you are attending is using the Jisc learning analytics service

You can log in with your institutional login (a federated account) if your institution is using the Jisc learning analytics service and listed on the login screen. You will be able to access some activity data from your institution. Your institution may also use the data collected to help provide you with better support for your learning. In addition, your institution may use the data collected to help improve its courses for you and other students.

2. The institution you are attending is NOT using the Jisc learning analytics service

If your institution is not listed, it is not using the Jisc learning analytics service and you can still use Study Goal using a social network account i.e. Google or Facebook but you will not see any data from your institution.

Data provided to the app

Data and analytics relating to you and your learning activities may be provided to the app by your institution.

We store the information that you give us so that you can access the app. Further information on the collection and use of the data is covered in the Privacy Policy.


Jisc asks that you use the Study Goal app with respect. We do not tolerate bad language, abusive behaviour, personal attacks, or any of the activities prohibited by the Jisc acceptable use policy and/or your institutional acceptable use policy. If you come across any occurrences of this, please contact Jisc via customerservices@jisc.ac.uk. Jisc reserves the right to block a user account if that account is not being used in accordance with these principles.

Ownership of IP

You will retain the IP of all content (e.g. images, targets, text, comments) uploaded to the app but agree to it being licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence (CC BY-SA 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/).

Jisc is not responsible for maintaining any links users include in any content added to the app.

Jisc Copyright

Jisc owns any content that has not been created by a user.

This content is copyright Jisc. Parts of it, as appropriate, may be freely copied and incorporated unaltered into another document unless produced for commercial gain, subject to the source being appropriately acknowledged and the copyright preserved. The reproduction of logos without permission is expressly forbidden. Permission should be sought from Jisc, customerservices@jisc.ac.uk


Our services are constantly being developed and new features being added. We need the flexibility to make changes, impose limits, and occasionally suspend or terminate certain offerings. We may also update our Services, which might not work properly if you don’t install the updates.

Consent to Receive Communications

Study Goal allows your institution to send notifications and targets to you via the app. By signing into the app using your institutional account you are agreeing to receive these communications.


Jisc may change these terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes will be made on this page. Notifications will appear on this site to inform you that these terms and conditions have changed