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Data Explorer is part of the Jisc Learning Analytics Architecture.

It provides a data visualisation tools for users of the learning analytics service. Data explorer is intended as a tool for staff to view learning analytics data about students, modules and courses, and provides this tools:

  • ▪ Technical tools to view the data in the learning records warehouse
  • ▪ Overview tools to view visualisations of data across an institution
  • ▪ Tools for tutors


User Guides and Videos

Release Version 2.1.7 September 2018

Just to confirm we have released a minor upgrade to DataX this afternoon which fixes the following reported bugs:*List of students on a course should include a check that ACTIVE_MEMBERSHIP = 1*Data X where 2018 module assessments were not showing *Study Goal populating instructor details with students

Additionally there had been some reported issues with Attendance Registers where xAPI statements were being sent off more than once, and where the resisters were not showing correct details, which are also resolved.

Release Version 2.1.0 September 2018

Features being released in this version include :

  • ▪ Addition of "View courses" view to Tutor search results
  • ▪ User Roles are now enforceable - access via URL changes to other areas or people removed.
  • ▪ Breadcrumb trails: removed links to site-explorer pages from the breadcrumbs for tutors
  • ▪ Made academic year customization, so each institutions can nominate an individual rollover date

Release Version 2.0 August 2018

A new release of Data Explorer is available to institutions who are implementing the Jisc service. This new version for August 2018 will include

  • ▪ New overall design and user interface
  • ▪ Faculty, department and course level views of overall indicators for students.
  • ▪ Ability to set the status of students, allowing tutors and those with cross-faculty roles to manageinterventions with students.
  • ▪ The ability to records Notes (previously referred to as ‘interventions’ against students.
  • ▪ Version 2.0 of Traffic Light Calculator, allowing finer control of calculations.

Version 2.0

Release Version 1.0 August 2017

Version 1.0

Version 0.13

Technical Guides

Raising issue or feature requests

If you find an error or have a suggestion for the Data Explorer then email analytics support